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Who is this class for?

ages 12 Wks- 5 months


Cost and Start Dates

The cost for a 6 week class is $160

See the Calendar for upcoming start dates.



Proof of first two sets of vaccinations  for Parvovirus and Canine Distemper will be required. We ask that proof of vaccines please be sent in with the class registration form or you may call your vet's office and have them email us a copy of the vaccine records.


What does this class cover?

This class lays the foundation for everything you will need to turn your puppy into an obedient, happy and well-adjusted dog that you will be able to take anywhere!

 Socialization is key in this class and we put a lot of emphasis on teaching your puppy how to cope with new experiences and novel situations.


We give each puppy the opportunity to learn, grow and play with other puppies their own age in a safe environment while also introducing them to basic obedience cues, body awareness exercises, bite inhibition training, and helping you to work through all of those common puppy challenges!


Items to bring to class

  • Favourite treats/toy
  • Buckle collar, harness
  • Leather, nylon or cotton leash


Items NOT allowed in class

  • Choke chains
  • Pinch collars
  • Flexi leashes





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