Manners matter,
especially for on- leash dogs.


Who is this class for?

Dogs that pull consistently on walks and have trouble paying attention to their owners in distracting environments.


Cost and Start Dates

The cost for a 6 week class is $160

See the Calendar for upcoming start dates.


Proof of vaccination will be required for Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Parainfluenza and Rabies.We ask that proof of vaccines please be sent in with a copy of the class regitration form or you may call your vet's office and have them email us a copy of the vaccine records.


What does this class cover?

This course focuses solely on leash handling skills and how to get your dog to walk reliably and comfortably on a loose leash in any environment. This class does involve heading out "into the world!" on several occasions to work on our skills, so participants are asked to dress appropriately for weather conditions.


Items to bring to class

  • Favourite treats/toy
  • Buckle collar, harness or head halter
  • Leather, nylon or cotton leash at least 6 Ft in length


Items NOT allowed in class

  • Choke chains
  • Pinch collars
  • Flexi leashes




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