House food
$5.00 per meal of delicious Acana Pacifica dry dog food. Added automatically if own food is not brought with boarding dog.


Treadmill Circuit
$15.00 for a 30-minute workout on our dog-friendly treadmill. Keeping your pup active and healthy!


One-on-one play session
$20.00 for a 30-minute private play session with one of our handlers. Perfect for those pups that tend to be shy around other dogs!


Turn Down
$10.00 for 15 minutes of cuddling with one of our handlers and a special treat before bedtime, to help your dog doze off!


Night cap
$5.00 for a peanut butter or cheese filled Kong before bed. The perfect bedtime-snack!


Drop off/ Pick up service
$10.00 per trip. One of our staff members will pick up or drop off your dog from/to your home.


Daycare or boarding report card
$5.00 for a report card on how your pup acted in daycare or during their boarding stay, and what they did!





Aromatherapy bath
 $20.00, A soothing warm bath with an aromatherapy diffusion of your choice. Help your pooch relax, feel revitalized, and many more health benefits!


$40.00, Includes an Epsom soak, paw massage, nail trim and house-made paw wax or lotion. Optional: painted nails! For glamorous dogs, who love to feel luxurious and pampered.


Relaxation Massage
$30.00 For a calming massage to help work the tension out of your pup’s muscles. A hard working, hard playing dog needs some pampering too!


Deep Conditioning bath
$20.00 on top of the price of a regular bath. Ideal for dogs with lots of thick hair. This bath conditions your dog’s fur down to the root, to make them silky smooth and help keep their coat healthy!


$30.00, Exclusively for puppies! It’s important to get your dog comfortable with grooming from an early age. Our shampooches helps your puppy get familiar with the process of a bath and tidy – and helps maximize their cuteness.


Teeth Cleaning
$5.00 for a fresh and clean teeth cleaning, to help keep your pup’s smile healthy!


All spa services can be added to a boarding dog’s stay, or booked separately for some designated pampering.


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