2018 Spring/Summer Class Schedule

You can register for any of our upcoming classes by clicking on the 'REGISTER' link at the top of the page! Please note that we do require prepayment for classes as of January 1st, 2018.


Apr 10 w/Amy: Tricks & Games 6:30pm

                         Novice Obedience 7:30pm (FULL)


April 19 w/Donna: Novice Obedience 6:30pm (FULL)

                              Fearful Fido 7:30pm

                              Novice Obedience 8:30pm


Apr 25 w/Amy: Puppy Primer 6:30pm
                         Loose Leash 7:30pm

Apr 30 w/Meghan: CGN Prep Course 6:30pm

                             Reactive Dog Class 7:30pm
May 22 w/Amy: Puppy Primer 6:30pm
                          Novice Obedience 7:30pm

May 31 w/Donna: Puppy Primer 6:30pm
                             Novice Obedience 7:30pm

                             Advanced Obedience 8:30pm

June 6 w/Amy: Puppy Primer 6:30pm
                        Tricks & Games 7:30pm






























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