2018 Winter/Spring Class Schedule

You can register for any of our upcoming classes by clicking on the 'REGISTER' link at the top of the page! .


Jan 18 w/Meghan: Novice Obedience 6:30pm (FULL)

                                  Advanced Obedience 7:45pm


Jan 24 w/Amber: Tricks and Games 6:30pm (FULL)

                                Reactive Dog Class 7:45pm (6 week class)


Feb 16 w/Amber: Novice Obedience 6:30pm


Feb 26 w/Meghan: Puppy Primer 6:30pm

                                   Scent Detection 7:45pm


Feb 27 w/Amber: Novice Obedience 6:30pm (FULL)

                                 Reactive Dog Class 7:45pm (6 week class) 


March 8 w/Meghan: Puppy Primer 6:30pm

                                      Novice Obedience 7:45pm


Mar 14 w/Amber: Reactive Dog Class 6:30pm (6 week class)

                                Novice Obedience 7:45pm


April 17 w/Amber: Puppy Primer 6:30pm

                                 Fearful Fido 7:45pm (6 week class)


April 26 w/Meghan: Novice Obedience 6:30pm

                                    CGN Prep Course 7:45pm


April 30 w/Meghan: Small But Mighty 6:30pm

                                     Reactive Dog Class 7:45pm (6 week class)
























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